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Release Negative Thinking: You Have the Power

Negative thinking is a common human condition; unsettling ideas can easily creep into the mind before a person even realizes the presence of these thoughts. The first step in challenging negative thinking is recognizing the presence of negative (or intrusive) thought. Monitoring and recognizing frequent thought patterns can help you manage these moments. Take note …Read More

3 Methods to Help Manage Teen ADD

WHAT IS ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER Attention Deficit Disorder is a medical condition that is defined more by a collection of distinctive symptoms rather than any diagnosable physical ailment. It is described as a severe pattern of continuous inattention and hyperactivity. Naturally this can seriously affect performance in a number of different areas. However awareness is …Read More

Neuropsychologists as a Bridge between the Mental and Physical Aspects of the Brain and Behavior

A neuropsychologist studies the link between behavior, the nervous system and the physical brain. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the human brain is very complex. Disorders and/or damage in the brain is often enough to elicit an entire reversal in the individual’s behavior and personality. People with such disorders or damage …Read More