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Give Your Child the Gift of Hope with Child Psychology and Counseling Services

Give Your Child the Gift of Hope with Child Psychology and Counseling Services

Did you know that your child’s early years often set the base/tone for the rest of their lives? This could mean the difference between a disturbing life and a happy, productive adulthood. Therefore, if you suspect that your child may be suffering from a psychological, emotional or social issue, it is important to have them diagnosed and treated early, in order to increase their chances of leading a happy, healthy childhood on into adulthood.

There are a number of issues that affect children, often through no fault of their own. These issues can be: stress, anxiety, learning difficulties, ADHD, poor social skills and more. These issues often go unnoticed or undiagnosed until children enter school. Once a teacher suspects an issue, your child’s teacher will often refer them to a child psychologist for further testing.
Children psychology services specialize in psychological assessments, gifted assessments, psychological counseling and more.

Children Psychological Assessments

Psychoeducational Assessments: The Answer to Your Child's School Problems?

A psychological assessment, or test, is often performed to arrive at a theory or possibility about a child’s personality, behavior and capabilities. The test generally incorporates 4 major components to arrive at a diagnosis including norm-referenced tests, interviews, observations and informal assessment, all performed by an expertly trained, licensed psychologist. As part of a thorough assessment, patients may be asked to undergo a full medical examination prior to psychological testing in order to rule out disease, medical or other organic cause of the child’s symptoms.

Gifted Children Assessments

Give Your Child the Gift of Hope with Child Psychology and Counseling Services

Did you know that gifted children often exhibit the same signs or symptoms as ADHD, Bipolar disorder or Asperger Syndrome? This often causes them to be misdiagnosed. In fact, gifted children are often described as badly behaved, hard-to-manage, underachievers, special needs or just downright odd, which is often a direct result of their need for higher learning, to be creative or to be intellectually challenged.

If left undiagnosed, it can lead to frustration, a loss of self-esteem, boredom, laziness, underachievement and a disinterest in content being taught. Likewise, being misdiagnosed can also cause them to suffer undue damage in an effort to fix an issue that doesn’t exist. Therefore, it is important to have your child tested in order to arrive at a proper diagnosis and to ensure they receive the proper treatment.

Children Psychological Counselling

A Guide on How to Recover from Traumatic Events

As a parent, you want what’s best for your child, but may not know where to turn for the proper support. Children psychological counselling provides a place to turn when your child’s issues become so overwhelming or difficult that it becomes a challenge to handle on your own. The compassionate team of professionals work closely with you to provide individually tailored services designed to overcome a wide range of behavioral, emotional or relationship problems including: strengthening self-esteem and social skills, developing self-control and managing anger, treatment for the traumatic stress of abuse, recovering from emotional distress and more.

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