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Questions Related Psychology Counselling Services

What are your fees?

Private counselling sessions are usually 50 minutes in duration. The current fee is in the range of $150-180 per session.

Are fees covered by OHIP?

Psychological counselling is not covered by OHIP at our practice. Most medical plans do cover partial or full fees for a number of counselling sessions. Please consult your medical plan provider to verify coverage.

What are the available hours for appointments?

We recognize that work commitments and other activities can prove challenging when trying to schedule appointments. We accept appointments during the working day, evenings and occasionally at weekends, and will endeavor to accommodate arrangements. Telephone sessions can also be conducted but we like to meet initially to ensure this arrangement works effectively for future sessions.

What are the rules about client confidentiality?

Our services are strictly confidential: any information you talk about with your therapist is known to only you and your therapist. We do not release any information about you to anyone without your written permission, except as required by law in Ontario.

Exceptions to confidentiality include:

  • Inform the Children’s Aid Society if it is discovered that a child is at risk of
  • or is being sexually abused, physically abused, or neglected.
  • Report a health professional who has abused a client or patient.
  • Inform an appropriate health care professional or the police of a client’s intention
  • to end his/her life or harm someone else.
  • Inform a potential victim of violence the client’s intention to inflict harm.
  • Release a client’s file if it is subpoenaed by a court of law.

In order to maintain confidentiality in a public place, whether you are an existing
or past-client, your therapist will not approach or greet you. We will not talk to
you unless you approach us first.