Anger Management: Eight Useful Tips

anger management

It’s natural to get angry from time to time, but it can be unhealthy to consistently lose your temper. Words or actions used in anger are often regrettable. To avoid issues, these anger management tips can reduce the damage caused by feelings of aggression.

Ways to reduce negative actions as a result of anger or aggression:

  • Recognize the signs – During times of stress, the body prepares for action, which can indicate that you’re losing your temper. Whenever you find yourself tensing, clenching your fists, or breathing faster, remove yourself from the situation and bring yourself into a healthier environment.
  • Breathe slowly – Being angry tends to quicken the breath. Focus on taking a longer exhale than inhale, allowing your body to relax. This calms the body and mind, dispelling tension and allowing for better perspective.
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  • Find solutions – Rather than focus on the problem itself, bring your attention towards possible solutions. This is a more constructive approach than dwelling on your anger, which may help you address your initial trigger.
  • Use “I” statements – Criticizing others can worsen an issue, especially if you’re not the only one who’s angry. Be respectful and specific when speaking to another party. Focus on what made you angry and avoid casting blame on the other individual.
  • Use humour – During tense situations, a tasteful joke can lighten the mood. Use humour sparingly to cope with minor stresses. Sarcasm, however, should be avoided, as it can come off as insensitive.
  • Let go – Allowing anger to consume you after an event can be problematic. Work towards forgiving people or situations that anger you. One way of achieving forgiveness is to ask whether the triggering situation will matter a month, a year, or ten years from now. More than likely, the answer will be “no.”
  • Get creative – Channel your anger into something creative as a distraction. Write, draw, or play a musical instrument. Finding a creative outlet helps you to reevaluate your anger, offering a healthy method of channeling your negative emotions into more positive ones.
  • Exercise – One long-term method for anger management is exercise. Physical activities like jogging, yoga, or swimming reduces psychological stress. Even a short walk can lower tension considerably.

anger management

Losing control of your anger is harmful both physically and mentally. These tips can help you gain perspective, protecting yourself and others from any aggressive tendencies. For best results, contact an anger management counsellor.

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