Find Your Perfect Job with a Psycho-Vocational Assessment

Finding the right job can be an overwhelming experience. You read listings and employment websites, and while these tell you about a company’s needs they don’t address yours. You need a way to find work that fits you as an individual, using your particular strengths and skills. This is where a specialized process called Psycho-Vocational Assessment can help.

Getting to Know You

Psycho-vocational AssessmentsPsycho-Vocational assessment is a thorough evaluation that identifies and explores the characteristics you possess, identifying which are most important for personal job satisfaction. You will learn about your unique combination of skills and interests and the jobs that utilize them.

The assessment can also reveal potential gaps in your abilities and background, revealing opportunities for self improvement. You will discover where you stand in today’s job market and recognize the job opportunities in which you’re most likely to flourish.

Beginning a Career

If you’re just starting out in your professional life, an assessment can definitely assist in finding the right path to begin a career. Equipped with the knowledge of what kind of work and workplace fits you best, you’ll be able to more easily navigate job listings and go after the openings truly worth pursuing. It often takes people several jobs to find where they’re happy, if they ever do. An assessment can give you the best chance at landing your dream job the first time. If you’re not quite ready to jump into the workforce, it can help guide you to education and training paths so you can be confident you’re headed in a productive direction.

Changing Careers or Going Back to Work

Many working people today find themselves either wanting or needing to make a change. Others arrive at a place in their lives where they have to re-enter the job market. Instead of being intimidated by the prospect of starting anew, an assessment can familiarize you with working environments where you can thrive and feel excited starting a new chapter in your life.

Special Considerations

The psycho-vocational assessment can be particularly helpful for people who have different performance abilities due to physical or mental conditions. An assessment takes into account the specific challenges of learning disorders, physical limitations, psychological issues, and other factors in order to help find a rewarding job within your capacity.

To learn where your skills, passions, and needs intersect and distinguish which jobs are best for you, contact York Region Psychological Services at (416) 602-3230 and ask about Psycho-Vocational Assessment. Our team of experienced specialists are here to help you maximize your potential.