News: New therapy group for Police officers’ spouses starting soon

Do you feel alone in coping with the challenges of being the spouse of a police officer?

Do you seek support for this unique role but find that most of the services are geared towards the police officers and not their partners?

YRPS are now offering a unique experience of virtual support and process group therapy for police officers’ spouses.


 Benefits of Group Therapy

  • Group dynamics allow members to feel supported and accepted and this can reduce the stigma and isolation that spouses’ may experience
  • Shared experiences provide a sense of community, while the diversity of members will provide opportunities for new insight of how to manage
  • Group therapy provides a safe environment in which to take social risks and experiment with new ways of interacting and behaving
  • Dynamics can be used by members to better understand how they relate to others and to make positive changes in their relationships

Upcoming Group Sessions

Themes that will be addressed will incorporate the meaning of being a police officer’s partner, including having to support a spouse who may be dealing with traumatic experiences and suffering from PTSD, and how this affects relationships and parenting.

  • Sessions will be led by two clinical psychologists that have conducted similar groups
  • Structured sessions are 1.5 hours and run weekly
  • Therapy is covered by the health benefits plan for police officers

Number of group members is limited to 10 and spaces are now filling. To learn more, contact us by phone or complete the Contact form here.