Sexual Abuse and Psychological Ramifications

Sadly, sexual abuse affects millions of people. When it occurs during childhood it can cause social difficulties and maladaptive patterns of behaviour. Adults also suffer greatly from this kind of abuse. It can have a long-lasting effect.

Anger Toward a Specific Gender

Some survivors of sexual abuse develop antagonism against the gender of the person who hurt them. If that anger goes untreated, it can hinder a person’s ability to lead a social, healthy life.

Mistrust and Cynicism

A survivor may develop a negative outlook on life, and mistrust people and situations where they previously felt safe.

Self Loathing and Hating

Hating oneself for abuse that occurred can occur. Survivors may feel they are responsible for what happened to them. Self loathing and negative “self talk” are two symptoms among those of us who have suffered abuse.

Lack of Boundaries

A person who was violated sexually may have difficulty discerning healthy boundaries. S/he may allow future abuse and disrespect from others.

Inappropriate Relationships

In some cases, a survivor of sexual abuse develops relationship patterns that continue abuse. They may not realize they are making choices that hurt themselves.

Seek Help

 There is a way for sexual abuse survivors to learn coping strategies and live a life without fear, anxiety, and continued hurt. York Region Psychological Services provides counseling for anyone feeling depression, anger, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or has thoughts of suicide. Call us today at (416) 602-6230. We care.