Don Haberer, ADED,  Driving Instructor

Mr. Haberer is qualified as an in-vehicle driving instructor and in-classroom instructor with a D-Class driver’s license and is a member of ADED (The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists).

Don has 28 years in driver training and driver rehabilitation that have provided him with an abundance of experience. He has attended skid recovery courses, written several driver training manuals and was a consultant for the CTV ‘National Driving Test’. In addition to having tens of thousands of hours of in-vehicle and in-class training time, he was also a franchise owner of Canada’s most recognised driving school, Young Drivers of Canada.

For the past 15 years Mr. Haberer has been helping drivers, passengers and pedestrians overcome their automobile phobias as well as their cognitive and physical challenges. He has developed a broad range of skills to assist clients with overcoming their fear of trucks, rural highways, intersections, expressways, winter driving conditions and many other phobias.

He trains clients and fellow instructors on the usage of adaptive vehicle equipment ranging from spinner knobs, left foot accelerators, several types of hand controls and is one of a select few instructors in the province of Ontario to have experience with training on the AVET vehicle driving system.

Languages: English