Lior Model RSW, BSW, MSW.

Lior is a registered member of Ontario College of Social Work (RSW, MSW) and a Certified Group Facilitator. She has a Masters in Social Work from the University of Windsor, a Bachelor in Social Work from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Post-graduate certificate in Group Facilitation, Kivunim Institute, Analytical Psychodrama and Group Facilitation, Tel Aviv

Lior has over fifteen years of clinical experience providing psychotherapy to adolescents, individuals, groups and families both in Canada and in Israel. Through her professional practice as Registered Social Worker and a psychotherapist she worked with complex mental health issues including eating disorders, depression, anxiety and communication challenges. She is an expert in various parenting issues such as high sensitivity, aggression and social isolation, low self-esteem and communication challenges. She has extensive experience supporting couples going through fertility treatments and dealing with infertility, individuals/couples going through complicated life transitions such as divorce, grieving and existential crises, treating complex mental health issues such as obesity, depression and anxiety.

In her work she uses an eclectic approach that is a combination of her educational background and field gained experience. She bases herself on various modalities such as Strength based theories, Integral Theory, Existential Psychology, Art Therapy Techniques, Mindfulness and Psychodrama.

Languages: English, Russian and Hebrew