How Travel Benefits Mental and Emotional Health

Travelling is a pleasurable and sometimes educational activity that broadens our awareness. A popular hobby among people of various races and age groups, travelling is an way to learn about geography, different cultures, and meet new people. In addition to deepening our understanding of the world, travelling also has the ability to improve our mental and emotional well-being.


You might want to make travel plans after reviewing these five health benefits:


 How Travel Benefits Mental and Emotional Health


  • Improves thought process

Travelling confronts the problem of isolation, one of the leading causes of depression. When you put yourself in a different environment, you allow your mind to shift its focus from unhealthy thoughts and feelings and onto novel experiences. Seeing new sights, navigating around a city, and having interactions with strangers can all sharpen the brain.

  • Helps you rediscover happiness 

Anticipating travel allows the mind to build anticipation. When planning an upcoming vacation, you can select activities, places, and dining experiences that will give you something to look forward to.


 How Travel Benefits Mental and Emotional Health


  • Establishes mindfulness

Exposing yourself to unfamiliar surroundings enhances the ability to be mindful and observant of your place in the world — both literally and figuratively. As you become familiar with landmarks near your lodging, the people living and working nearby, and experience the taste of new cuisine, your sensibilities are heightened, your attention sharpened.

  • Sharpens your creativity

Enhanced creativity results from a boost in neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to forge new synaptic connections when you encounter new stimuli. These stimuli can come in the form of exposure to a new language and foreign sounds, smells, sights, and tastes.

  • Reduces stress and depression

Taking time to travel can lower stress and alleviate depression when you devote yourself to activities that make you feel good. Researchers determined that travel and taking time away from the job allows individuals to detach from work-related matters, relax, and develop habits that relieve the mind and body of stress.


 How Travel Benefits Mental and Emotional Health


When you’re exhausted, worn out, or depressed, fight off gloom by planning a trip with friends. Pack your bags and head someplace new to have new experiences and form fond memories.

Travelling can have some amazing benefits, but it can’t take the place of professional counselling and therapy. If you’re feeling low or “not quite yourself,” call York Region Psychological Services at (416) 602-3230. Our licensed therapists know how to treat depression and help you develop strategies to live a more contented life.