What is Psychological Assessment all about?

Psychological assessments are tests used to evaluate an individual so a qualified psychologist is able to identify the right mental health services for that certain individual. These tests are being offered to a lot of people, especially for those who need the assessment as a requirement for education, employment, and legal purposes. Most of the seasoned psychiatrists perform the evaluation by learning and observing an individual’s behavior. A psychological assessment’s purpose and method normally varies from one client to another. But most psychological assessments like in Richmond Hill concentrate on only a small number of key factors, whatever the format of the assessment may be.


Most psychologists prefer assessing their clients through having a personal interview. They simple converse with the client, all the while collecting the necessary information related to the client’s current mental status and background. While the client answers the questions, his or her verbal and nonverbal cues are being noted by the psychologist. It is then based on the interview how the professional will handle the results and if the client needs additional steps and measures.

Formal Observation

Same as interviews, a lot of psychologists also favor observing a person in a formal condition. A client’s behavior, both intentional and not, can indicate his or her state of mental health. He or she may or may not know that they are being observed formally. A psychologist will then pay attention as to how the client is behaving in a certain situation and on how he or she interacts with others. It is also with this technique that the professional can determine if the client requires mental health services.

Psychological Tests

Personality and intelligence quotient (IQ) tests are some of the psychological tests an individual may undertake. These tests are effective measures of a person’s mental health based on his or her talents, intelligence and certain aptitudes. After every test, the psychologist runs through the results and collects information from it.