Can Social Media Negatively Affect Our Feelings?

There are many aspects to social media that can negatively affect people. Low self esteem can be increased by participation in Twitter, Facebook, and other arenas that allow someone to be attacked publicly, online, or feel inferior to other people’s “perfect” life.”

When it comes to our online activity, many people post only the best parts of their lives, making it seem as though they have an ideal life. While scrolling through our newsfeed, some of us can feel like we don’t have the life we want. This can diminish our self worth. It is important to remember that only a small percentage of a person’s day is displayed in the “perfect” image that is publicly posted.

Limiting Social Media

Social media can be highly addictive. When a person posts frequently they can receive instant gratification from “likes” and positive comments. This “high” can create an addiction, and create depression when we don’t get the responses we want to a particular post or photo.  

If we find ourselves interacting more through a mobile device or computer than in real life, we might consider cutting back on our social media time. Social media users who find themselves depressed and avoiding people definitely need to seek professional help and reduce their time on those sites.

Here’s Help

Depression and isolation can consume you. If you or a loved one in the Toronto area are struggling with low self esteem, depression,  social media addiction, or isolation please contact York Regional Psychological Services. Call us at (416) 602-3230. We can help.