Child Psychology and Counselling Services

child psychology YRPS canada

Raising children, especially in today’s world, is an incredibly challenging task. Children are exposed to some similar stressors as adults, but also face others that we have no personal experience of and that our children may sometimes not openly share. Children do not have the maturity to understand or cope with some challenging situations and may have personal challenges at an emotional or intellectual level that requires intervention and/or assessment.

YRPS offer the following assessments:

• Psychological
• Psycho-Educational
• Gifted

YPRS offer the following services to support your child:

• Child Play therapy
• Counselling
• School consultations, teacher training and parent education

YRPS offer Psychological and Psycho-Educational testing where any of the following symptoms may be present:

• Learning difficulties
• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
• Emotional problems
• Low self-esteem
• Attention concerns
• School refusal
• Stress/Anxiety
• Poor social skills
• Academic delays
• Social problems
• Poor organisational skills
• Under-achievement


In the face of the current pandemic, we closed our offices on 16-March. However, our therapists are committed to our clients and are determined not to disrupt the delivery of psychological services.
We continue to provide treatment sessions via HIPAA compliant virtual platforms.