Psychological Assessment

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A Psychological Assessment is a process of testing that uses a combination of techniques to help arrive at some hypotheses about a person and their emotional behavior, personality and capabilities. These assessments are most often conducted following a trauma, e.g. motor-vehicle, work-related or other physical accident.

Psychological testing is performed by a licensed psychologist or a supervised professional. Psychologists are the only profession in Ontario that are expertly trained to perform and interpret psychological tests.

The Psychological Assessment includes the following:

  • Series of standardised and psychometric tests to evaluate an individual
  • Interview with the individual. When the assessment is for a child, interviews may also be conducted with parents, teachers and sometimes others familiar with the child
  • Observations and/or feedback of the individual in their natural setting. including from parents and teachers when a child is accessed
  • A comprehensive report is produced after al the testing and data has been reviewed. The report documents the competencies as well as the limitations of the person in an objective but helpful manner to present not only note weaknesses found in testing, but also the individual’s strengths.


In the face of the current pandemic, we closed our offices on 16-March. However, our therapists are committed to our clients and are determined not to disrupt the delivery of psychological services.
We continue to provide treatment sessions via HIPAA compliant virtual platforms.