Individual Counselling

Sad lonely pensive old senior womanThroughout life we all experience difficulties and challenges and sometimes we feel too overwhelmed to cope with these on our own.

These feelings may have been a part of our life as long as we can remember or can be as a result of recent events.

As a result, we may begin to feel anxious, agitated or depressed, and find it difficult to share these feelings with people close to us.

The following are some symptoms that suggest individuals are encountering difficulties where therapy could be of assistance:

• Learning Difficulties
• Social or emotional problems
• Stress
• Anxiety or panic
• Depression
• Trauma
• Bereavement or loss
• Jealousy
• Marital or relationship problems
• Sexual problems
• Life crisis
• Low self-esteem
• Eating disorders

Trying to work through these emotions without guidance can be daunting. Therapy is devoted to providing a compassionate and empathetic environment that provides the opportunity to address those personal and emotional issues.


In the face of the current pandemic, we closed our offices on 16-March. However, our therapists are committed to our clients and are determined not to disrupt the delivery of psychological services.
We continue to provide treatment sessions via HIPAA compliant virtual platforms.