Gifted Assessments

Boy sitting on pile of books and readingGifted students generally learn more quickly, deeply, and broadly than their peers. These students typically learn to read early and their ability is comparable to normal children who are significantly older.

Gifted students will typically demonstrate high reasoning ability, a large vocabulary, an excellent memory, and some a high degree of creativity. They can often master concepts with few repetitions.

They may also be perfectionistic, and frequently question authority. Some have trouble relating to or communicating with their peers because of disparities in vocabulary size (especially in the early years), personality, interests, and motivation. As children, they may prefer the company of older children or adults.

Giftedness is often not consistent throughout all educational subjects or behavioural characteristics. One gifted student may excel in math, yet be a poor speller or visa versa. Another might be highly creative but poor in math.

There are different types of giftedness with their own unique features, just as there are different types of developmental delay.

Gifted learners require opportunities, often in a different environment to learn at a faster pace and with their intellectual peers to stimulate their intellectual growth and achieve their full potential.

YRPS perform gifted assessments to enable parents to identify if their children are gifted and can offer guidance on education plans and learning strategies that meet those strengths and any weaknesses.


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