Marriage and Couples Counselling

Couple Counselling, sometimes called Relationship Therapy or Relationship Counselling, is no longer referred to as ‘Marriage Guidance’ or ‘Marriage Counselling’ because marriage does not always apply to relationships.  Couples counselling also applies to heterosexual relations, same sex relations and bi-relationships.


 Male and female hand on wooden table


The duties of a couples therapist are to listen, respect, understand and facilitate better functioning between the couple involved. In order to understand the dynamics of the relationship, the therapist may meet each partner individually at first but only if this is beneficial to both, is consensual and is unlikely to cause harm

At YRPS the guiding principles for our therapists are to:

  • Facilitate a confidential dialogue which normalizes feelings
  • Enable each person to express their emotions and be heard and to hear themselves in a safe environment
  • Provide input and reflection so that each partner can understand the relationship’s difficulties and those of their partner
  • Improve communication between the partners
  • Empower the partners to take control and make vital decisions to determine the destiny of the relationship
  • Deliver relevant and appropriate information
  • Change the view of the relationship, as necessary


In the face of the current pandemic, we closed our offices on 16-March. However, our therapists are committed to our clients and are determined not to disrupt the delivery of psychological services.
We continue to provide treatment sessions via HIPAA compliant virtual platforms.