Neuropsychological Assessment Services

Intelligence Loss
A Neuropsychological Assessment is a comprehensive assessment of cognitive processes to evaluate neurological or neurodevelopmental disorder and understand the etiology and evolution of a disorder. Neuropsychology is the unique integration of genetic, developmental and environmental history with testing data to better understand brain functioning.

To evaluate cognitive strengths and weaknesses, neuropsychological tests assess:

• Attention and concentration
• Verbal and visual memory
• Auditory and visual processing
• Visual-spatial functioning
• Language and Reading skills
• Sensory Development and Sensory Integration
• Gross and fine motor development
• Social Skill Development
• Executive Functioning
• Emotional and Personality development

Collateral information and behavioral assessment may be sought from parents, educators, doctors, and therapists when appropriate.

A comprehensive report evaluates the testing and findings to identify the origin and development of a disorder and customized recommendations to develop effective treatment planning.


In the face of the current pandemic, we closed our offices on 16-March. However, our therapists are committed to our clients and are determined not to disrupt the delivery of psychological services.
We continue to provide treatment sessions via HIPAA compliant virtual platforms.