Neuropsychological Assessment Services

Intelligence Loss
A Neuropsychological Assessment is a comprehensive assessment of cognitive processes to evaluate neurological or neurodevelopmental disorder and understand the etiology and evolution of a disorder. Neuropsychology is the unique integration of genetic, developmental and environmental history with testing data to better understand brain functioning.

To evaluate cognitive strengths and weaknesses, neuropsychological tests includes testing of:

• Attention and concentration
• Verbal and visual memory
• Auditory and visual processing
• Visual-spatial functioning
• Language and Reading skills
• Sensory Development and Sensory Integration
• Gross and fine motor development
• Social Skill Development
• Executive Functioning
• Emotional and Personality development

Collateral information and behavioral assessment may be sought from parents, educators, doctors, and therapists when appropriate.

A comprehensive report evaluates the testing and findings to identify the origin and development of a disorder and customized recommendations to develop effective treatment planning.

COVID-19 crisis

The existing impact and ongoing uncertainty can greatly increase anxiety and fears and this is understandable. It is important to care for our physical health during these challenging times but also to pay attention to our mental health. YRPS are here to support you.

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