How to Determine a Social Problem like ADHD

Are you at the stage where you have problems with school, work, family, and social life? Are you unhappy with the way you are living right now? Do you feel accomplished in your achievements and works in your life? Are you currently in a relationship? Do you love being in this relationship?

Your answers to the above mentioned questions will determine if you have a social problem, like ADHD, or not, which psychology centers like York Region Psychological Services can diagnose. Because individuals have trouble in the above mentioned queries, and in other life aspects, ADHD can be a prime diagnosis. This article will relate to school, work, and relationship factors to sufferers of ADHD.


Students with ADHD do not have the time of their life at school. They typically perform poorly, and usually can be found at the bottom of the class standings. Trouble usually also finds them, making them a popular student at disciplinary offices. Dropping out also is common to ADHD sufferers, with some having to repeat the same class until they ultimately stop going to class.


ADHD-affected individuals usually find themselves unemployed; if they do have a job, they find it difficult to keep in toes with it. They usually jump from one job to another at a regular pace. Getting along with the tasks, as well as with co-workers is a tasking thing for them.


As you have learned, individuals with ADHD are hard to get along with. This makes having relationships with them difficult to handle. Marriages are even a disaster for them, and frequently find themselves divorced or out of a relationship several times than having a solid one.

Social Status

A sufferer of ADHD will always feel like they are a nobody in the world. This causes them to do reckless activities, like driving irresponsibly, using illegal substances, and smoking cigarettes. We may view this as a disturbing thing, which it really is, but these are their way of coping with their depressive thoughts.

These are just some of the factors which you can categorize yourself, or someone if he or she has ADHD. Professional recommendation is to visit a psychologist on how to manage the symptoms, for a healthier way to live your life.