What To Expect From Child-Centered Psychotherapy Sessions

Psychological services are proven to make a positive difference in the lives of many people. If your child is “acting out” or having behavioural issues that go beyond the age-appropriate tantrum, professional therapists can help with emotional and behavioural growth. Understanding how child-centered psychotherapy sessions might alleviate stress and direct your child in a positive way can lessen any concerns a parent might have about this therapy:

Tailored to the Needs of Your Child

Professional therapists assess and treat mental health issues with an individualized treatment plan. Each client, each child, is different and has had different experiences. The therapist may focus on particular areas of a child’s emotional life in order to facilitate later growth in other areas. An approach that works for one young person may not be right for another, and an excellent therapist will make appropriate adjustments.



The therapist may send assignments home for your child to complete in between sessions. The “work” is followed up at the next appointment. Implementing a guided practice of play therapy at home (with instructions and guidance from a professional play therapist) might be one option. Each assignment provided depends upon individual needs.

Casual and Relaxed Sessions

Sessions are designed to avoid stressful situations. Therapists want to help, not intimidate or frighten a child. They work to create as inviting and relaxing an atmosphere as possible, to facilitate healing.

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