Carol Denise Ghannoum, B.Sc., Psychotherapist

Ms. Ghannoum is a Registered Psychotherapist and certified Life Coach. Carol holds a B.Sc. in Psychology from University of Toronto and has trained in Holistic Psychotherapy and Life Coaching from Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training

She has over four years experience in private practice assisting individuals (18+) and families to address and transform their personal issues with alcohol/drug addictions, sexual identity, career, separation/divorce and other relationship issues.

Her client-centered approach to transformative therapy provides a non-judgmental and compassionate environment to help clients discover self and learn life-long skills and strategies for healing, growth and self-reliance.

She uses different modalities ranging from traditional Talk Therapy, Psychodynamic, Mindfulness, CBT, and DBT.

Clinic: 6482 Bloomington Rd, Stouffville, ON L4A 8A4; 300 Wellington St. E., Unit 2, Aurora, ON L4G 1J5; 120 Newkirk Rd, Unit 12, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9S7

Languages: English.