How to Tell You Have Low Self-Esteem

You Don’t Believe You Deserve Happiness

You may find yourself thinking you don’t deserve to be happy and you never will be. It could be that as soon as something good comes along you find yourself ready for it to end at any time, or you could feel you are always waiting for something good to come along.

You Let Your Mistakes Define You

Being wrong should not determine your value. It’s inevitable that we will all find ourselves in a situation where we have made a mistake or a poor decision. This should not make you feel less worthy.

You Have No Confidence in Your Decision Making

Low self-esteem may leave you feeling like you are not capable of making any sort of decisions, and definitely not the right ones. You may feel like everything you do ends badly.

You Crumble Under Criticism

Criticism can sting, but it can also help make us better people. It should not feel like every criticism is a negative reflection on you as an individual.

You Don’t Set Boundaries in Relationships

The need for assurance in a relationship can leave you feeling like the other party is taking advantage of you. It will feel like you’re constantly giving more than you’re getting.

You Feel Like You Can’t Do Anything Right

We’re all our own worst critic, but focusing too much on weaknesses and failures will never put you in a healthy state of mind. You may not take opportunities because you’ve already planned on failing.

You Fail to Set Reasonable Expectations

If you set the bar too high, it is inevitable that you will be disappointed in the outcome. This is true of personal goals as well as circumstances beyond your control.

You Constantly Compare Yourself to Other People

You may find it hard to do anything without first looking around to see how others are doing. It is likely that you determine your failures and successes based on others and not on your own capabilities.

You Never Make Yourself a Priority

It’s difficult to find a reason to take care of yourself. You may feel that it’s just a waste of time because you’re not worth it, or that you’re incapable of seeing it through.

You Can’t Learn to Love Yourself Just as You Are

When you stop worrying so much about what other people think and what could go wrong, you open yourself up to the opportunity to enjoy your life just the way it is. Waiting until everything has fallen into place to be happy is an unachievable goal.

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